market intelligence

The world runs on energy, but it also runs on information. EDF customers require 24/7 access to current, relevant, accurate information and market insights, and we deliver.

our teams solve conundrums

Our talented team thrives on solving energy conundrums. They have the market knowledge, experience and drive to support you through the most complicated energy decisions. Investigating an entire energy portfolio and discovering ways to connect the dots, find efficiencies and extract value gets our juices flowing.

regulatory support

The energy regulatory environment in North America is constantly changing. Keeping up with rules and regulations that affect your energy portfolio can be a full time job. We have our finger on the pulse of the regulatory environment, monitor impact to our customers and provide informational updates when appropriate. Solving the regulatory conundrum is part of how we reveal our brilliance.

digital integrated platform

Data drives your business decisions. We created a digitally integrated platform where data is used to find efficiencies, improve processes and extract more value from energy portfolios. We package this data into SCADA and the EDF App. Offering plant data, market pricing and other important data at your fingertips is our way of helping you be more brilliant.

customer portal

Access data, billing, market prices, daily market reports, weather and news through our online customer portal for desktop, mobile and Apple watch.


  • Customizable dashboard and reports
  • Visual analysis
  • Submit and monitor market transactions
  • Daily market reports and prices
  • User configurable alerts and notifications
  • Current and historical usage
  • Invoicing
  • Online payments and auto-pay


Control and monitor generation and load resources in real time. View real-time asset data, market pricing, invoices and how your asset is interacting with the ISO.


  • ISO information in four second increments
  • Base points delivered every five minutes
  • Plant operation visibility through desktop and mobile

customer perspectives

Our customers are a diverse group—retailers, universities, manufacturers, producers, municipalities, power generators and more. They want the same things in a provider—strength, reliability, flexibility, expertise, service. We deliver.

“It’s hard to keep your finger on the pulse of everything that’s going on in natural gas delivery. At a meeting at the plant, my EDF rep brought in some detailed charts explaining the supply constraints in the area. It was super helpful.”

Energy manager, glass products manufacturer

unparalleled access. unparalleled value.

Revealing opportunities across the entire energy spectrum.



For over 30 years, a family-owned confectioner has been uniting families through the joy of candy. Our customer sells its chocolatey, gooey, fresh and fruity creations through retailers across the U.S. Every year, people from all over the country tour their candy-making factory and visit their colorful onsite candy store.

For six years, We have provided gas and power to support the company’s fun-filled mission. When the company began planning a factory expansion, we were part of the conversation, from the start. As part of this collaboration, we conducted a rate analysis, providing information on the impact varying sizes of expansion would have on their energy consumption and costs. With local boots on the ground, we understood the territory and provided onsite discussions.

This EDF customer measures success one smile at a time. It’s a mission we’re happy to get behind.