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Power generators keep our world moving forward, illuminating ballparks, hospitals, airports and communities and the people who work, play and live in them. But the fuel supply and power generation environment is complex. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to successfully navigate the changing landscape of power production, now and in the future.

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We are a leading provider of energy management services for power generators in North America. We serve a diverse customer base, including large corporations with onsite generation, private equity, municipalities and cooperatives. Their generation assets include natural gas, coal, nuclear, wind, solar, battery, hydro and new generation technologies.

We deliver:

The knowledge, experience and deep market expertise to navigate the changing power production landscape, now and in the future.

Market access, asset optimization and risk management to help you create, identify and capitalize on new business opportunities.

A range of energy management solutions to help ensure your success: dispatch, scheduling, origination, fuel supply, demand response, renewables and hedging.

In-depth information to enable smarter decision making, including market analysis and information, and multi-site, multi-state coordinated data and billing.

On-demand data through our SCADA system and online customer portal.

Responsive, personal service to help you maintain your competitive edge.

The financial strength and stability of the EDF Group, the world’s largest power company.



Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen are essential for life, matter and health. Properly harnessed, these and other gases allow healthcare providers to protect vulnerable lives, technologists to innovate, and industries to perform and protect the environment. What underpins this ability is energy.

EDF Energy NA is the energy manager to a global provider of gases, technologies and services to industry and health. We helped the company integrate all of their energy functions and services so that they could look at energy in a more holistic way. As a result, they’ve become more energy efficient while also growing their business.
Initially engaged to provide a single product, we now manage the company’s power plant, are their retail power provider and support their demand response and sustainability programs.

Our customer exists to move life, progress and innovation forward. We exist to help them reveal the brilliance of the lifesaving and life-enriching individuals and businesses they call their customers.

Contact EDF to see how we can assist with your energy needs.

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Contact EDF to see how we can assist with your energy needs.

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