energy portfolio optimization

Through EDF’s innovative and holistic energy solutions, companies can optimize their energy usage and site value. Our Demand Response programs enable our customers save money and provide the opportunity to reduce stress on the power grid.

Demand Response

Demand Response should be a consideration in almost any energy management strategy. Commercial and industrial consumers who are able to participate in Demand Response often find opportunities to monetize assets.

Demand Response Programs

EDF offers Load Resource (LR) and Emergency Response Service (ERS) Demand Response programs in the major energy markets across the U.S. We have the largest LR portfolio in ERCOT.

A different approach

We serve our Demand Response customers with a focus on optimization and compliance. We offer incentive- and time-based programs and different contract types to meet differing needs.

First, we dig in

Our approach is to identify value rather than to sell products. An energy manager works with every customer to first understand their business — how they operate, their energy requirements and their energy demand — then to identify opportunities and ensure compliance.

The convenience of a single supplier

Our customers appreciate that they can get everything they need in one place, along with an expert to handle it. They know that when they call us, we’ll have the information. We know the market, and we look at it in their terms.

Contact EDF to see how we can assist with your energy needs.

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Contact EDF to see how we can assist with your energy needs.

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